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And It Was at This Point....

I thought I planned everything out perfectly. I woke up early, because I had set an alarm, and I was READY! I had to get these tickets. This was going to be my 4th quarter event and trip and I was going to have a blast. I was one of the first people to secure tickets too. My Taught You Live. My girl Myleik Teele was having a live podcast and I was going to be there. Front and center lol. I had been counting down the days because Lord knows I was ready for this quick vacay. A cool weekend in Atlanta. This was suppose to be a breeze.

Fast forward to the week of the trip, and i'm READY READY. Unfortunately, we waited until the last minute to pay on the rental car credit card so I'm on edge waiting on the payment to clear. It took a lot of calling back and forth and finally, I got everything taken care of.... the morning of the trip. I should've known then that I was in for a stressful day. But nothing could of prepared me for how hectic and disappointing this day turned out. Standing in front of the woman at the rental car place trying to make ANOTHER payment on my card so that i'll have enough for the deposit. Avis computer system malfunctioning all day and jamming all my funds up. Not having enough money to secure any of the other options that were presented to me. Completely disappointed that my boyfriend didn't step up and save me from this world-wind of BS. Crying my eyes out. Filled with complete RAGE because I was suppose to be at that live podcast. I needed that energy. I needed Myleik to help me refill my cup. This. Shit. Hurt.

And it was at this point that I realized that sometimes, things are meant to fall apart so that God can teach you the grand lesson that is attached. And sometimes I forget that. If you ask me, there is great joy to be found in having your own. I find much comfort in being able to provide for myself and spend my money as I please. Last April, I quit my last full time position with Home Depot Call Center. My boyfriend told me I didn't have to work at a job I didn't enjoy and that I should pour all my energy into working on my passion projects and he'll take care of the rest. So you know what I did? I quit. And I started working full time as an entrepreneur. The money hasn't ever been consistent, but the freedom of my schedule and the love for what I did kept me pushing. But I never got fully comfortable with my boyfriend "taking care of me." I know I know, many women feel like this is THEE LIFE lol. I guess I'm just a little different. I like pulling my own weight. I don't like feeling dependent. I need to be able to move when I want. Judge ya motha. So when it got to the point where I didn't have any more options to get to Atlanta this past weekend, I figured that the lesson I was suppose to gain was to get back to the point where I could pull my own financial weight.

It's also important to note how important it is to have honest and clear conversation. My boyfriend and I had a long conversation after this debacle and we came to a clear understanding of how I felt about the happenings of that weekend. And how I felt about his reaction. It's always so interesting to hear about someone else's thought process. Needless to say, our thought processes didn't line up that day lol. But it's all good because there was a blessing and a lesson to be had.

The timeline of how this weekend played out allowed me to realize how far I had strayed away from that concept. It made me uncomfortable. It made me upset. My spirit was low. But, as you know, trouble don’t last always. I had to ask God what was I suppose to learn from the whole debacle and he exposed it clear as day. Life comes at you fast and you don’t get to pick the cards you’re dealt, you just have to play the hell out of the ones you’re given. So whatever may be troubling you or weighing heavy on your heart, find peace in knowing the storm won’t last forever. There’s light on the other side and this life is yours to create so make it noteworthy!

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