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Fat, Thick, Plus, Plush, Whateverrrrr

Let’s face it, society is lightweight obsessed with health and weight loss. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but there’s points on both sides of the spectrum.

I’ll start by speaking on myself. I’m “overweight.” Whatever the standard is for my height and age…. I’m past it. Probably considered “obese.” But outside of my weight, I have no health issues. While being overweight can possibly lead to health issues…. I don’t have any. I’ve never been “skinny” or “small.” As far as I can remember, I was always the tallest and “biggest” girl in class…. give or take a few cases. A small part of me (very small because I was blessed with a pretty face and nice shape) always felt a ways about it. I always wondered why I had to be so tall or why I couldn’t find clothes that fit me right.

Once I hit college, I pretty much let that go because as the years progressed (and as you get older) standards changed. When I got to college I was considered “thick” (blah) so I fit in. Fast forward to now, my waist ain’t what it was in 2010 lol, and despite what everyone seems to think (because I carry my weight very well) I’m fat! Now i’m not sad or losing any sleep over this. Would I like to lose some weight? Yes, of course. I want my slim waist back lol. But the current societal obsession with size and weight have me like “ Dang people can’t be happy and fat?” It’s like fat and happy can’t possibly coexist.

While society is making very valiant strides to encourage body and size positivity, I still feel like the obsession with weight and size and shape is just too much.

Now let’s be clear, if you’re overweight and it’s causing lots of health problems, then listen fam, let’s hit the gym or something. But for those of us who just want to lose weight for the sake of maybe losing a pants size or 2, I don’t want you to feel pressured to try and fit the beauty standards that have been set for us.

Watching some of my peers change their lifestyles and transform has truly inspired me. I’m definitely working on starting a journey to better health (with help because I lack discipline in this area).

I could probably go on forever, but my point is, society’s obsesssion with weight, size and body shape, in itself, is unhealthy. Body shaming is causing mental trauma for many people. There is a girl somewhere right now, crying because she looks in the mirror and sees a fat girl. It’s important that we refrain from shaming a person for their size or weight…. or skin color or hair texture or whatever TF else! If everyone learned to mind their business, we’d be good. Unfortunately, that’s a lost art.

Anywaydoe, to those individuals that are the encouraging type and are pushing us non-disciplined individuals to get it right and get it tight, i salute you.

But to those of you that are ALWAYS judging….. have several seats. Body shaming is whack and yall should really find something better to do with your time…

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