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So You're Solo, So What?!

So it’s Friday evening and you’re trying to figure out what you’re suppose to do when ALL your friends are busy and bae is working overtime… *ques the lonely girl music* SIKE!

Let’s be honest ladies, we can have just as much fun alone as we can hanging with our girls. So let me help you out- Here’s a few ideas of some activities you can get into #SoloDolo. But first things first, let’s release that scared, fearful energy and please know that those people that you probably think will judge you on your solo dates, probably aren’t paying you any attention…. So as I was saying:

1. Movies- Now I know what you’re thinking…. Been there, thought that… But I didn’t let the unknown thoughts of others hold me back from enjoying a solo movie date in one of those comfy recliner chairs with a nice adult beverage *wink wink* Trust me, you’ll enjoy it

2. Dinner- A sister has to eat, right?! Don’t overthink it. Grab your favorite book or magazine and head to your fave restaurant. I promise the food will still be delicious when you’re by yourself. If you think you’ll feel a little weird, try sitting at the bar. I’m sure you’ll find a fellow solo dater there also.

3. Museum- If you’re worried about who’s watching or judging, try getting lost in the arts. I promise no one will be clocking your moves lol, they’ll be too busy looking at the beautiful pieces

4. Explore your city- When’s the last time you hopped on a bus, train or trolley and just went out to see all that your city has to offer? I think i know the answer… and it’s either “it’s been a while” or “I’ve never done that.” Either way, get into it. Most cities have a lot of hidden gems.

5. Get Active- Dance and Zumba and Yoga, Oh My! Break a sweat sis and relieve some stress. You’ll probably meet some new folks along the way also.

6. Spa date- Relax and Rebalance girl. Get a massage, get a facial, have some wine, hit the sauna…. Breathe, Stretch, Shake and Let It Go.

7. Staycation- Grab a hotel room, order room service, take a swim. I know “baecations” are the popular thing but go ahead and take a solo breather sis, you deserve it.

8. Self-Care- Whatever that looks like for you. Whether it’s snuggling under a blanket for Netflix and chill or heading to your favorite nail shop for a mani-pedi…. Self-Care is a step towards Self Love, get into it.

9. Open Mic/Karaoke- There will be drinks, there will be entertainment and there will be plenty of judgment free laughter. You’ll meet some new people and you may even get the courage to hit the stage…. anything can happen.

10. Take A Trip- Now once you get super comfortable with moving around solo, go ahead and book a trip. I know there’s somewhere you’ve been dying to go but always cancel because you don’t have anyone to go with…. Well guess what, scratch that. Go solo. To me, this is definitely a boss move. I haven’t reached this level of flying solo yet, but I’m working on it.

Whatever you decide to do to kick off your journey to flying solo, it is imperative that we get comfortable with keeping ourselves company. Guess what sis? YOU. ARE. ENOUGH! And don’t you forget that. Being comfortable with yourself and enjoying your own company is a great step towards a self love level up…. So try it #SoloDolo

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