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My Top 5 Fave Podcasts Right Now

Not everyone is on the podcast wave yet but I've been about that podcast life for a while. Most of the podcasts I listen to discuss things that encourage me to meet my next level with a level head. They give me encouragement and allow me to hear thoughts and concepts from a different view. Here's a quick list of the podcasts I'm currently obsessed with:

1. MyTaughtYou Podcast

Myleik is AMAZING. I'll start there lol. She's been about this podcast life for a while. She has made a lane for herself and shared so freely and honestly and I am forever grateful for her. This podcast covers several facets from How to Finish Your Year Strong to Sticking with Your Plan A. Myleik is well versed and she knows what she knows very well. If you're looking for a relatable voice with all the major keys, The MyTaughtYou Podcast is definitely for you. Available on iTunes.

2. Do It Scared

Newcomer to the podcast game so you have time to catch up. This podcast is hosted by Low Key, you may know him from Trap Karaoke and Duessepalooza. He has recently thrown his hat into the podcast ring and I have to say, I'm so glad he did. This podcast features intimate conversations between he and his guest about basically grinding through the fear. Low managed to get one of the most intimate interviews with Karen Civil that I've ever heard. And if you've been around Everyday Rae' a while, you know I love Karen. His podcast also introduced me to a new goddess I hadn't heard about, Scottie Beam. This one is a gem guys. Check it out. Tune in to Do It Scared on SoundCloud.

3. Black Girl Podcast

I'm new to this gang y'all but i'm glad I joined. I listened to the most recent episode and let me tell you, FEELSSSSSSS. They had me in my feelings lol. The episode was about love and all the things that make it great and complicate it. Y'all know I'm a hopeless romantic lol. There are 5 powerful black woman voices on this podcast and the character that it exudes is so inviting. I love it. Catch Black Girl Podcast on iTunes.

4. Small Doses with Amanda Seales

Amanda Seales is an entire vibe FOR LIFEEEE and her podcast is just as great as she is. Episodes are usually based on side effects of a gamet of different topics. One of my faves is Side Effects of Being an Independent Woman. Because, DUH, das me lol. Her podcast is very honest and raw, as you would expect from her. Nothing but the truth. Small Doses is available on iTunes.

5. The MJ Show

Lastly, If you're one of those people that feels like you don't have time for podcasts, Mattie James' show is the one for you. The episodes are very short but PACKED with valuable information. She focuses on a ton things including being an influencer and also slaying your morning routine. Catch The MJ Show on iTunes.

I hope you listen to at least one of these podcasts. I promise you won't regret it. And guess what, I think the Everyday Rae' Podcast may be making it's debut very soon! Stay tuned!

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