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Money Making Motivation Monday...

Hello my beautiful people. How are you all? Hope you woke up on the blessed side of the bed today. I know it's a holiday but the grind don't stop baby! God and the universe have allowed you to see another day to get it right so I hope you’re putting the work in! As you know, some of us need a little extra motivation to start our new week, so here it goesss……

Today’s motivation Monday tip is “remove the date and do the work.” So a lot of times we put those outlandish stipulations and expiration dates on our dreams. We say stuff like “If i’m not successful by the age of 27, I don’t know what I’m going to do” or “If I don’t gain 100 followers this month, this must not be my calling.” A lot of the times, we just need to completely remove the dates or the stipulations and just work. A lot of times we get so caught up on what other people are doing that we end up trying to catch up. When in reality, you can’t compare your current chapter to someone else’s. Essentially, we have no idea what that person had to do to get there.

We have to learn to focus on ourselves and on our personal journeys and just work. My 25 years of life are uniquely different from any other 25 year old because I was uniquely created. Therefore, it makes no sense for me to rush my process. This microwave lifestyle we live in has us wanting everything great right now at this very moment. The thing is, you can’t rush the process.

So, my dear lovers of life, don’t rush yourself. Take your time. Remove the date. Enjoy moments. Trust the process. Trust God. Trust the timing of your life. Put in the work and success will surely come. There is no magic formula or perfect timing. Everything that is suppose to happen will happen in due time.

Have an amazing week. Keep your heart and mind open to new things and new beginnings. Peace and Blessings to you all!

As always,

Peace, Love and Light,


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