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This Is Your Life Homie...

Bro, who wrote all these life rules?! Like for real. It’s like society and our ancestors and our parents or whatever have all these rules we’re suppose to apply to our lives and whatnot and i’m just like…. but why? Real quick, because it’s Friday and I’m sure you’d rather be doing hoodrat things and not reading lol. So take this journey real quick….

Alright so, have you ever taken a moment and thought, who drew this blueprint? Like who says I’m suppose to do this like this? I mean, times have changed and I’m 100% sure all the old rules don’t apply. So this very brief write up is to encourage you to write your own rules. It’s okay to not agree with what’s considered standard. I know one main one that stands out a lot these days are the rules of religion. A lot of us were forced to go to church as children and have drifted away from that life in our adult days. But guess what? That is okay! You have that option because guess whatttttttttt?


A friend of mine said that the freedom we seek is to use our own mind and body to live our own life instead of the life of the belief system.

It’s a good Friday to go ahead and make the decision to come alive and thrive and not let this belief system hold you back. Do yo thang, break the rules! Life is lit *shrugs*

Peace, Love, Light


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