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Your Spirit is Speaking to Me...

Sometimes without you even saying a word….

In recent days, weeks, months, I’ve had different random and pleasant encounters with numerous people. Sometimes I feel like people are drawn to me. You ever felt like people just felt so comfortable about being around you or talking to you, even if they don’t even know you? Well that’s the story of my life lol. And it wasn’t until more recent conversations with my significant other that I realized that my spirit speaks (Quite loud lol) even when I haven’t said a word.

Now if you’re like me, you never really paid attention to vibes and energy to the point that it had an effect on your life. I’ve always operated on the ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ wavelength. I’m always a generally “good person.”Before I started taking note of vibes and energy, I just gave people the same vibe and energy they gave me.

But check this out, your spirit has a voice. Your energy can be contagious and your vibe can make or break a situation.

I have run into so many people who I didn’t really care to be around because something about them just wasn’t right. I feel like in situations like this, your spirit is intuitively reading the vibes of that person and trying to spare you lol. I think it’s important that we start paying more attention to our vibes, spirits and energy. I think it adds to your wealth as an individual. I should have invited my boyfriend to be the guest writer on this one because he knows so much more on the subject lol. I’m a newbie.

But listen, my spirit is growing strong everyday. I ran into an old classmate at a show not too long ago and we ended up chatting for a moment and sitting next to each other at the show. Well that evening when everything was over, she sent me a message and said that my spirit is always so calming yet bold. Now I was still in the beginning stages of paying attention to vibes and energies, but this compliment was greatly appreciated. I wasn’t even trying to make an impression, I was just being myself. I guess it’s a rare occurrence sometimes.

Now since there’s a lot that goes into this whole thing, I think what I’m going to do is record a vlog with my boyfriend and discuss this topic in depth. Until then, here’s what I need you to do:

1. Always be yourself

2. Meditate at least 5 minutes a day

3. Be mindful in your everyday encounters

4. Don’t judge, help

5. Learn to be a little more open

All of these are active lessons I’ve be learning along this journey we call life and I think all these have helped feed my calming yet bold spirit :) If you feel like joining in on this vibe/energy/spirit conversation then definitely leave a comment or drop me a line at raedaarllc@gmail

Until next time, Peace, Love & Light,


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