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It's Okay to Step Away #SocialMediaVacay

Recently someone that I follow on Instagram came back from a longggg hiatus. Seeing as I love her vibe and energy, it was so refreshing to see her on my timeline again. I had missed reading her captions and seeing all the different journeys she was taking. Well, we all know that social media can be overwhelming, so she decided to take a step back and take a breather.

Here’s her caption from her first post after socially returning:

“let’s talk about how sometimes it’s critical to completely get rid of social media (and the addiction to it) for a year (or three) to take care of you. the offering of one’s life for public consumption absolutely had to be released and re-examined, amongst other things, for my personal health and balance. especially when wading through the grief and trauma of 2016. so much capitalistic and social pressure to be present online. but, when life calls you inward, go. there’s a reason for the gravitational pull.” Follow her @ciarraross on Instagram

Let me tell y’all how this post resonated so highly with me. As of late, I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed with social media all while feeling like I can’t give it up because it’s so necessary for my career and brand. The idea of “offering one’s life for public consumption” is the most accurate description of social media I’ve heard. What really bothers me about social media though, is the fact that everyone feels like they can just say anything to you over the internet.

I personally have grappled with stepping away from my social media. My personal issue with the over consumption of social media is the room for constant comparison. We literally have a front row seat to everyone’s highlight reel. It’s become like a reflex to get on social media in my downtime and I feel a ways about that. We are literally pressured by society to always be continuously present online.

I am seriously contemplating taking a step back. I need to breathe. I need to unplug. I need to write and plot and plan for my future. I need to back away from everyone else’s life and actually spend more time “living.” I knew social media was getting wayyy to deep when people started Snapchatting and Instagramming at funerals and most recently (To each his own but come on na)

It’s like absolutely nothing is sacred anymore. Nothing is off limits and everything can be shared. This year we witness the murder of several unarmed humans at the hands of police all through social media. We ingested that. We watched that. I feel like the constant exposure to tragic events soon desensitizes us from the level of severity. Large companies are using social media to track your internet habits and surround you with advertisements. Young children are being cyber bullied to the point they take their own lives. Teens lack basic conversational skills due to the fact that they are glued to their phones.

To bring this thing back around, I leave you with more words from Ms. Ciarra Ross:

“you’re never missing out when you’re present in your own life and fulfilling your personal needs for well being. never.”

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