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But What's the Rush Though?

Everything is so fast paced these days. People live microwave lifestyles and think everything can be accessed at the blink of an eye. I was driving home one day, completely spazzing out mentally because I put extremely grand goals with quick time restraints on myself. This day in age, it’s hard to not rush/push yourself to the limit trying to keep up with the Jones’. Clearly I was doing too much….

Anywaydoe, I was listening to a podcast from the lovely Myleik Teele (my fave, but y’all knew that) where a 37 year old woman had written a 4 page letter, basically asking for advice for a late bloomer and a person addicted to comparison. Immediately my thoughts were “What on Earth is the rush?” Why do we push ourselves constantly like there’s a timeline for everything? If indeed everything happens for a reason and what’s yours is yours, why do we run after our goals like they have an expiration date?

With this being the age of social media and fast info, we are constantly bombarded by the “success” of others. People like to display all the best parts of their lives. This in turn causes us all to constantly compare our stages to the next man.

It was at this point that I realized that the only requirement that I must put on my life is to live at a pace that is comfortable for my well being. I must refrain from constantly checking social media and beating myself up for not being on someone else’s level. Make the level up personal.

Everyone’s journey is different. And the little bit of flashy life that people show you on social media (Myleik calls it a ‘highlight reel’) ain’t always real. Don’t believe the hype, stay in your lane, And enjoy the process. Don’t cheat the process. Trust the timing of your life. It’ll all be over soon!

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