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What NOT to post on Social Media

As you know, people use social media for numerous different reasons. Some just want to create this fantasy world so you’ll believe that they’ve got everything going for themselves. Sometimes they are the guru’s and know all the answers to your problems. Which ever way you decide to use your social media platforms, there are certain things that you just shouldn’t post. Here’s a list of a few of those things:

Relationship Issues- Ok so bae just can’t get right…. That is not a reason for you to go vent all of your personal relationship business to social media. One of the reasons that relationships fail is because people invite “everybody and they mama” into their business by sharing to much

Nudes- And we’re not talking about the art inspired nudes. We’re talking the #ThirstTrap type of nudes. Save the goodies for the bedroom or behind closed doors…. or at least approach it in a tasteful manner

Your Money- There’s always a hater watching. Keep your finances to yourself. It’s cool to share success stories that lead to greater incomes…. But stacks of cash and check stubs should remain private lol


Complaints About Your Job- This day in age, all employers have access to find you on social media so it’s best to keep those foul thoughts and complaints about your supervisor/job to yourself…. or maybe vent to a friend. Just don’t post them for the world to see

Constant Updates- We do not want to know what you're doing every moment of the day. This will only irritate your friends/followers. Don’t get so obsessed with social media that you feel like you have to post constantly…. And if it’s your business page, remember that it’s consistency and quality over quantity

Advice That You Don’t Live By- To all the life guru’s that post the quotes and advice on social media…. If you don’t even follow your advice, we can’t take you seriously lol


Gossip/Attacks Against Certain People- He said, She said will only open the door for drama. If you stay in your lane, you won’t be concerned about anyone else’s life. And like Fabolous said “Gossip just a broke people sport.”

Claiming Other People’s Content As Your Own- There are so many creatives and designers and writers who share their crafts on social media in hopes of gaining clientele and also sharing their vision/message…..And then there are so many people who steal other people’s words and photo and claim them as their own…. Not cool and disrespectful

TMI- As in “Too Much Information.” There’s some stuff that you just shouldn’t share…..Yeah that first thought that just popped into your head when you read that….yeah that. Save it. We just don’t need to know you like that lol


Anything You Don’t Want to be Online FOREVER- because I’m pretty sure there’s an archive for it all… even if we don’t have access to it. If you don’t want it to ever be connected to you or traced back to you, you probably shouldn’t share it

At the end of the day, what you decide to share is ultimately up to you. Just know that in this age in technology, we have to be smart in our posting. #PostWisely

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