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I Am Motivated by Another Woman's Progress!

And never defeated….

A short little write up that’s been heavy on my heart. Topic and Title Source: Comparaholics Anonymous by Tracy G

“The only comparison worth measuring is the distance between your past and your present”

Hey sis! I see you! Questions that need answers: What exactly is so hard about supporting your fellow woman? What exactly do you gain from throwing constant shade and living in misery? (Some of y’all stay wearing your shady boots) Why doesn’t your sister’s success make you want to do more? Why can’t we just stay in our lanes?

I personally get overjoyed when I see my fellow young black millennial women out here moving in power. I mean like #BlackGirlMagic has to be one of the best hashtags in life. Now I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring forth this topic without being judgmental so bare with me as I delve into it.

First things first, I used an affirmation for the title of this write up because sometimes you have to speak over yourself. Now I’m sure all of us have had a moment of jealousy and judgement where we felt like we were getting the short end of the stick compared to some other woman. Why did she find the perfect guy? Why can’t my waste be slim like hers, or even why does she have long lashes and I don’t lol. (Petty but real). Naturally,throwing on your shady boots from time to time is funny and entertaining. But here’s what you shouldn’t do, you shouldn’t pride yourself on being the shadiest person in the room. You shouldn’t try to build yourself up by breaking your fellow woman down. And you shouldn’t operate from a place of negativity in general. No one likes a Sour Sally.

Another thing, the success of your fellow black girl does not take anything away from your journey. What’s yours is and will always be yours. Just because you have a hair line and #ShortyDuWop has a hair line too, does not mean she’s the enemy. When you operate in purpose, there is no competition. Just do what you feel called to do and learn to stay in your lane. Now if you need help with this task, make sure you check out the podcast i mentioned earlier, Comparaholics Anonymous. Tracy G helps break down the concept. I just want us all to thrive together. We're too powerful for the foolishness….

Take this write up as a call to action. Starting now, and add this to your list of Resolutions. Simply support your fellow woman.

And support comes in many different forms, from purchasing from her business to “Oh girl, i like your hair,’” this is a call to action for you to operate in a light of positivity. Make sure your sisters feel supported and loved because if we don’t have our backs, we know no one else will. And I promise this won’t take too much out of you. Show some love. Make a new friend. Smile at a stranger. Just let your light shine!

And as always, to my fellow humans who feel like they’re on this journey alone, you are not alone sis/bro. The doors of my blog are always open lol. I’m just here to help

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