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My Go-To Hairstyles

Any given day you can catch me in one of about 3-4 hairstyles. I like simple styles when it comes to my natural hair and also when I do my protective styling. Honestly, I get tired of doing my hair lol, so the styles don't change that much but here are my top 3 go-to styles and my favorite protective style. So here's the disclaimer before we begin: Most of my styles include the following products: water and shea butter or coconut oil. I may not mention it in every description but I use them all the time

1. The Puff

My all time favorite. When all else fails, you can for sure catch me with a puff. It's so simple and easy. I literally wake up in the morning, spray my hair with water, add my favorite leave in and curl definer/gel, and pull my headband around it. Hit the edges with some edge control and BOOM! There it is.


2. Flat Twist Out &/Or Two Strand Twist Out

This is the style that usually leads me into the puff. I may get 2-3 good days out of my twist out then its back to my puff. Now if I feel like reviving my flat twist out, it turns into a two strand twist out because I feel like two strand twists are easier. Twisting, in general, is probably the easiest natural technique. Now if I'm doing a twist out, my go-to products are water and some type of curl defining cream. I'm currently using Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Twist-Defining Custard


3. Sleek Low Bun

I recently added this style to my artilery. This style takes quite a bit of jell and definitely some patience lol. My thick hair doesn't slick easily so I usually have to attack the sleeking process in sections. I wet the hair, apply some jell and brush it down (I don't actually use a brush-brush, I use a detangling brush). Depending on where/if you want a part, you slick it down and you'll have a laid, sleek low bun. I can usually rock this style for about a week before I'm over it lol.


4.Marley Twist

Last but certainly not least, my all time favorite protective style, Marley Twist. I love this style because I can leave it in for what feels like forever lol, and I can just pin it up in different styles or rock it in a ponytail. Sometimes I switch up the length. Sometimes I switch up how big they are. I absolutely love this style for an effortless protective hook up. I don't do these twists myself often sooooo can't help you with the products/ process. But you'll love them if you try them

Now if you all want tutorials on any of the styles I mentioned, definitely let me know and I'll hook you up over on my YouTube channel. I'm not a hairstylist but I do quite a bit of hair lol, so I know a little something!

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