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Feels Like... #JustWordsWednesday

I only want it if it feels like…

Warm hot chocolate in the winter

Swimming pools in the summer

Back massages

Friday afternoon hair appointments

90s RnB of course

Kicking off pumps after a long day

Unsnapping a bra

Cool fall breezes

Warmth from the sun

Shopping sprees

Praying on bended knees

Perfect selfies

Thanksgiving dinner

New car smell

Puppy kisses

Hoodie weather

Church sangin’

Jill Scott albums

Fresh flowers on coffee tables

Championship wins

Football season

Saturday morning cartoons

Cookies and milk

Water parks

Slip and Slides


Summer vacays

New j’s

Poppin’ bundles

Love is an action word. I need to know what it feels like. And i gotta catch the vibe to know if it feels right

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