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Y’all tired of me saying that yet? I just need y’all to drill that into your memory banks because it’s MAD important. And I’m learning more and more each day, just how much it impacts a persons whole career and influence. I went on another hiatus. Was missing for a while. Y’all know when I get into those funks where I feel like ain’t nobody paying attention to me, I disappear into my hibernation hole.

But the funny thing is, every time I decided that I’m going to disappear because no one is paying me any attention, God sends a few people out of the shadows to let me know how much they love and appreciate everything i post or how much they admire the fact that I’m actually doing what I said I was going to do. And while that is lit af…. I really do wish people would interact and engage with me more. Sometimes I let my personal desires outshadow the fact that I have a gang…. a TRIBE of people who actually depend on me for the good vibes God has blessed me to transmit.

I stopped writing because I felt like no one was listening. I felt like I was talking to myself and creating for myself and not one soul was listening to me. I felt like my message was being missed. I felt like I had to be super popular and well known to even be able to make an imprint on my people. I was feeling super lost and basically out of control…. And I basically was losing faith smh.

See the thing is, the story of our lives is already written. And everything will occur in devine order. God and the universe will put the plays together so that you will win, all you have to do is have faith.

With that being said, this is me, encouraging you to stay on the grind and stay consistent. As the summer starts, keep your eye on the prize and trust the timing of your life. Everything that is suppose to be, will be. If it’s yours, this world can’t take it away from you. Don’t get out here doing outrageous stuff just to try to make a last minute imprint.

I encourage you to create your own lane. In a world full of copy cats and people who are trying extremely hard to be “famous,” don’t lose yourself. Don’t come out of character and don’t sell yourself short. Put your head down and WORK! Remove the date and WORK. Put in Work, PERIOD! Stay true to you because the fake won’t last long.

Now, for some housekeeping. Meditate, Pray and ask God to remove anyone and anything that does not benefit your forward motion. Tap into your inner power because once you lock in, you’ll win. And as one of my fave light bearers, Alex Elle, would say, Be You, Love You, All ways, Always!

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