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Sex Sells…. But I Ain’t Buying


Listen, Listen, Listen…. real quick…. Have y’all checked out that Double or Nothing album from Big Sean and Metro? (Old album but relevant to the overall point lol) I’m a Big Sean fan. Love him to death. But I wasn’t really interested in another artist collabing with MetroBoomin’ lol (No offense). Metro got projects with all the heavy hitters… but he’s not the only producer in the game lol. I’m just waiting on a Big Sean and Key Wane project. But anywaydoe, I was SUPER excited when I saw that Kash Doll was going to be on this project. I’m not a Kash Doll fan but I respect her hustle and I love to see my fellow D-Girls win!

So, getting to my point….. I was SUPER annoyed by the subject matter of the song she was featured on. For those of you who are unaware or haven’t heard the song, it’s called “So Good.” And of course, it’s about sex. Big surprise right, NOT. The chorus of the song goes (excuse the language):

“Head so good, pussy so good If I could quit my job and fuck you all day, shit I would Yeah, I would Yeah, I would If I could quit my job and fuck you all day, shit I would Head so good, pussy so good If I could quit my job and fuck you all day, shit I would Yeah, I would Yeah, I would If I could quit my job and fuck you all day, shit I would”

Dawg, I’m like really. So there was no other subject matter this song could’ve been about. So this is what we’re doing? This cute to y’all huh? Now everybody knows that Kash Doll’s body is stacked up… sis use to be a stripper. But I’m annoyed that instead of maybe tapping into her skills as an artist, we’re just going to reduce her to a mouth and vagina…. Oh ok, cool.

Maybe I’m the only one that has an issue with the fact that female rap artist have to basically sell sex to stay relevant. And I’m not against anyone embracing their sexuality but come on nah…. The overarching theme of sex in music is exhausting. Sis verse says:

"You can smash, you can smash Hood nigga, you don’t even need a pass But do you think you up for the task? ‘Cause this a big body Benz, please don’t crash Last time I let you fuck, it was amazing, shit Love a nigga who ain’t scared to put his face in it And I still remember every single place you lick So I suck the soul outcha just to thank that dick I’m a nasty bitch, I can take that shit Pussy tight as long johns, I'ma make that fit And I never tell a chick about the pipe I get 'Cause if she ever disrespect, I have to fight that bitch You know that beef stick so bomb My nigga ask who pussy is it, I said “Big Sean” Tryna make me fall in love, nigga, don’t play If I could quit my job, then I lay up and fuck you all day"

I wanted to screammmm when I heard this song lol. Like, I’d rather hear her talk about her boss moves and what not. And don’t even get me started on how the industry is constantly trying to pit female artist against each other. As if they can’t exist simultaneously. Meanwhile, the male dominated industry just keeps going about it’s business and Jay-Z aint phased by a new Big Sean release…. Feel me? But that’s a discussion for another day. What I really want to see from the female rappers is a rewritten narrative. Less sex and more wordplay, metaphors and game. Idk, maybe I’m overreacting…. I’m just TIRED of the same narrative being pushed on these rap queens. THAT SHIT WACK!

But I guess if the artist’s themselves don’t care about the narrative then we can’t trip, right? But shit, our sensory level is dead anyway so everything flies….

But I digress, Imma let them finish. I learned to control the controllable a long time ago lol. So go ahead sis, if you want to rap about your box, be my guest lol.

Because I mean,

Does Sex Actually Sell?

Yes, sex sells. It’s a fact. Popular men’s magazines like Maxim and FHM have experimented often with their covers. Overwhelmingly, when a sexy, semi-naked woman appears on the cover, it outperforms an image of a male star, even if that star is someone men want to read about.

When ads are more sexually provocative, men in particular are irresistibly drawn to them. It’s simple genetics. Men respond to sexual images. And if your ad creates a sexual situation, it will get the desired response.

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