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Let's Talk Music...

Let me hold your attention for just a moment. The second project in my Capriquaraeus Saga drops this month. Capriquaraeus Vol. 2. And I have to say, this is one of my favorite sets of songs thus far. Sometimes you have to channel past pains to really push out some dope music and guess what? That's what I did.

A little into my history.... I dropped my very first body of music back in October of 2017. Never thought I would have been in this situation lol. Lots of people are artists and have put out music but very few have actually made money from the craft. But guess what?! The kid has! And I'm immensely grateful. I dropped that project and hit the gas.

Dropped my first Capriquaraeus project in January and then took a break. Now I'm back on my BS lmao. So guess what? God willing, I have a project for y'all this month, in July, In August and September. I'm enjoying this journey thus far and I hope y'all P-O-P HOLD IT DOWN!

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