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Nah, No Netflix and Chill

While Netflix and Chill is cool for couples who have been together for a while, your first date with someone should not include “Netflix” or “chilling.” So if you’re date-night-challenged and need a little help figuring out what you and bae or potential bae should go out and do, here are some suggestions:

  1. Arts & Crafts: This date night idea will open the door for you to see the person’s creative side. You and your date get together and visit the local craft store, like Michaels. Look around and find a nice arts and crafts project you both can complete. It can be anything from decorating picture frames to painting t-shirts. Arts & Crafts are calming and fun. This project will allow for creativity and conversation, not to mention self-expression.

  1. Arcade, Laser Tag, Go-carts or AirTime: take it back to your childhood and have a little fun. The grown up version of an “arcade” is Dave & Busters. This date will open the door for some good old friendly competition, not to mention you’ll have tons of fun. The same with Go-cart racing. Competitive fun is always good and you can spice it up with a bet. Loser buys dinner. AirTime or any trampoline play park will allow for you not only to have fun with your date but to also get a work out. Give it a try.

  1. Museum or Art Gallery: For a calm evening of discovery and learning, visit a local museum or art gallery. You never know how much you’ll learn or what you’ll stumble across. This is a calm environment and you’ll both be able to learn together. Follow this date up with dinner and discussion and you’ll feel like you and “bae” have reached new levels.

  1. Cooking Challenge: Spend a night in the kitchen. You and your date can team up to cook a meal or have a cooking challenge to see whose meal is the best. If you all decide to cook a meal together, this date night can be expanded to include going grocery shopping for the meals ingredients. This date night can also be a segway into the innocent form of Netflix and chill.

  1. Dinner & Dancing: A pretty popular date idea is dinner and a movie. Here’s the alternative. Switch out the movie for a night of dancing. This could mean taking a class and learning a new style of dance, or it could simply mean getting dressed, enjoying a nice meal and dancing the night away at local club or bar.

  1. Poetry Show or Music Showcase: Poetry is already associated with love and music warms the heart so you can’t do anything but win if you plan a date night at a poetry show or music showcase. You get to experience the arts and also support some local talent.

  1. Coffee Shop Hop: And if you’re looking for a quiet way to have nice conversation and get to know the person you’re out with, try visiting local coffee shops. You can try a new blends of coffee and have great conversation. A simple way to get to know each other

Feel free to mix and match these ideas however you please. The idea is to get to know the person you’re dating and build a stronger bond. Have fun with it!

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