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God is Still in the Blessing Business!

God won't place you in a situation that his grace can't sustain you through. I learned a long time ago that everything in life happens for a reason. Like every single thing. And once I accepted that, I kind of felt like I could tackle anything. Trusting God is a test in faith. Once we realize that its already been written, you find comfort in trusting God through the process.

This isn't something that was easy to grasp. Especially since as humans, we think we have to have everything under control. The thing is, trusting God means you have to relinquish that control. It's sort of like having a "go-with-the-flow" mentality. You know that no matter what goes on, what's for you, is for you. Now don't get me wrong, faith without works is DEAD! But, you have to know that God is in control. So you don't even trip. When I finally grasped this, it was life changing.

Negativity just rolls off your back like its nothing. You know for a fact that no one can take what's for you, from you. It's like you got juiced up with a super power. Invincible ish lol. But I forsure think this is something that people should adopt and put into play in their lives.

Match this mindset with some meditation and manifestation and you will be unstoppable. Meditation has taken my life to a completely new level. Can you just sit still with your mind and imagine exactly what your future will look like? I do it all the time, with a money incense burning. Blessings on Blessings on Blessings.

This is just a gentle, friendly reminder that God is still in the blessing business and he can add you to the level up list if you release that control and let him do his thang!

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