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Top 10 Favorite TV Series

Happy June y'all! Let's talk TV. My all time favorites. They say you shouldn't give the dummy box too much attention but here are a few of my favorite shows

1. Law & Order

I'm addicted to all Law & Orders lol. I think my fave is SVU but I will watch any and every version. I'm always excited when there's a marathon on lol. I'm sure I'm not the only one

2. CSI Miami

I've watched every single episode of this series lol. When I first moved into my place, this was all I watched. Which probably wasn't the greatest idea since I lived alone lol. My dad hates it because he says Horatio's character is "too cool" for him lol. As you'll see as the list goes on.... I like cop shows

3. Criminal Minds

Now this right here, this is my ish lol. I LOVE this show. Penelope is my girlllllll. And while this show is really creepy when you think about, it's also really interesting. The whole concept of find criminals by analyzing how they think is deep

4. Chicago PD

Voight has to be one of the craziest cops I've seen on TV lol. Like he's mad reckless. But that guy you see below...that's my dawg lol. I love his character. Sometimes I wonder if the real Chicago PD is as cut as these guys are lol

5. Blue Bloods

Familyyyyy, of course I love the Regans lol. I made a mistake and watched this one day and I've been hooked ever since. Gotta have my cop shows

6. ER

I was PISSED when this went off. I'll leave it at that

7. Perception

They take away everything I love. I was even more pissed when this went off. He was such a strange individual but it doesn't matter because they cancelled it

8. Star

First off, I went to middle school with Star aka Jude Demorest. Secondly, Alex aka Ryan Destiny is from Detroit. Thirdly, I love Luke James. Evan Ross is in this thang and Queen Latifah.....

9. Grownish

My newest favorite. I love shows about college life. I never watched Black-ish but this my ish. Plus fashion. Plus Luka.

10. Insecure

My dawggggg! Issa! I been down since Awkward Black Girl on Youtube. This show is the truth. So relatable. So fresh. This friend group is so funny and fun. I LOVE it!

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