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10 Things You Don't Know About Me!

I realize that I don't share of myself enough so here are a few random facts that you probably don't know about me. Since I want us all to be good friends, I figure you all should get to know me a bit lol!

1. I Was Promoted in the 2nd Grade

I been ahead of the game, y'all just catching up lol. Sike naw lol, but yes, in the 2nd grade my best friend and I were both promoted early to the 3rd grade. One day, the principal walked pass and noticed I was sleeping at my desk. The teacher told her I was finished with my work already. That led to a meeting with my parents and the rest is history

2. I've Been an Entrepreneur Since I was Like 8 lol

Like forreal, I had the block jumping lol. At 8 years old, I set up a store in front of my grandma's house for the kids that weren't allowed to leave the block. Myleik always says that a business should meet a need. I'm not new to this y'all!

3. I am Extremely Ticklish

Like it's ridiculous y'all . Everything tickles smh.

4. I Played Violin for 14 years

I'm pretty grateful that I got the chance to attend the Winans Academy of Performing Arts. They got me started on the violin in like 3rd grade and I played all the way through high school. Once I got to high school, I didn't love it anymore. Even though I had one of the best instructors in the city. I'm glad my parents made me stick to it.

5. I Went on Tour Overseas with My High School

That violin put the play together y'all. My senior year in high school, the band and orchestra went on tour in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Had a blast. It was an amazing experience. Not many 17 year olds have had that opportunity. Truly a blessing.

6. I Played Golf in High School

And I was pretty good at it. Very random right lol. A lot of people didn't even know our school had a golf team. But we did and I was a player

7. I Started my First Official Business at 19

The Positive Influence. My first official attempt at being a business owner. That's over now but the legacy lives on through great logos and t-shirts lol

8. I Met my Boyfriend on Tinder

Yes ladies, it's possible lol. He went to high school with my sister lol, but we connected on Tinder, and we've been hooked ever since. Almost 3 years strong

9. I've Been Driving for 10 years

I got my first car at 15. A perk of being the oldest child. I feel old when I think about how long 10 years is lol. Crazy right.

10. There is a Target Youtube Commercial featuring My Music

Crazy right?! I haven't even seen it yet but they for sure cut the check lol. The ad features my song 'Light' from my last project, Capriquaraeus Vol. 1. Who would've thought man. If you haven't heard the song, head over to the music tab on my site. It's lit

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