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Purpose Planner Dinner Party Detroit!

Hello My Loves! Hope all is well. This past weekend I had the pleasure of assisting in the event production and execution of the Purpose Planner Dinner Party. Let me tell you how the play came together. So one day I was scrolling on IG and I saw the flyer for the event. I knew the girl who coordinates this event from highschool so I'm like hmmm, I should go. Well of course, me being the introvert that I am, I procrastinated until the last minute with buying my ticket, and BOOM, they were $80 a piece. Now I don't know about y'all but I can't afford that lol. So I was off of it. I figured hey, I'll catch her on the next round.

Next thing I know, Brittany is on IG saying she needs interns for the event and I'm like yasssss God, good looking out! So BOOM, the play is set.

Now you never truly know what you're walking into when you volunteer to help someone set up for an event. I was just praying it wasn't going to be too much work. Turns out, when you're doing something you love and working with great people, it doesn't even feel like work. Brittany is such a doll and I'm grateful that she allowed me to help bring her vision to life!

Ok let's get to the details that I'm sure you all were waiting for! Despite all of the crazy narratives that have been floating around about women's empowerment, this experience was AMAZING! The energy in the room was very warm and inviting, and let me tell you, these ladies came to SLAYYYYYYYYY!

Conversation in the room just flowed so effortlessly. We were allowed to speak from very intimate spaces without judgment. We laughed, there were tears and there was even a little spark lol (You had to be there). At the end of the day, you do not want to miss a chance to enjoy an experience like this. To my LA ladies, The Purpose Planner Dinner Party is coming your way next. As for my Detroiters, they'll be back next year so have your coins ready! I promise it'll be money well spent. Support black women. Support entrepreneurs. Build your tribe!

To top off the evening, everyone went home with some great swag. I'm glad God put the play together for me to attend. I really needed that energy. To all my fellow women, we are all in this together. I got your back!

Quick Lessons from The Girl Talk!

1. "No" is a complete sentence

2. God sometimes gives you "No's" because you aren't ready

3. Never compare your chapter to someone elses

4. Everything happens for a reason

5. Always center yourself

6. Fill your own cup or you won't be able to pour into others

7. A "No" made me go! We're moving on to the next step

8. God will never place you in a situation that his grace can't sustain you through!

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