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Monthly Goals! Hey May!

So it's week 2 of May and the goal check list just keeps getting longer and longer! But we gotta stay motivated and get the schmoney because best lives aren't going to live themselves, OKKURRTT! So here are a few of the goals I plan on smashing this month:

1. Planning 1 On-Going Summer Event

I've been working to transition my brand into a completely different space of lifestyle and like tranquility/peace/ healing so the event will probably be something vibey and bi-weekly. The hardest part is getting people to come out lol. So when I drop the deets, I'm hoping y'all tell a friend

2. A Gallon of Water A Day

So far so good y'all, clap it up lol. At first, it's extremely hard to try and get through the whole gallon. You literally have to drink water ALL DAY. Then you have to use the bathroom a million times lol. But I think it's worth it for getting my waist back and keeping my skin clear

3. Workout 3-4 Times a Week

Because yea, need my waist back lol and health is wealth. This was more of a 2018 goal than a May goal but I have to say, I've been crushing it. *Pats self on the back* Fat girls wearing crop tops all summer lol. They gone get whatever body is under these clothes this summer but I'm still going to put in the effort to reach better health.

4. Finish Capriquaraeus Vol. 2

Go ahead, say it.... I'm a slacker. I should have BEEN done with this project and moved on to Volume 3 but guess what... I'm not. Fight me lol. But I will say this, I'm working. I'm writing. It'll be out top of June, I promise

5. Drop New Youtube Content

It's been WAYYYYY too long. I've practically abandoned my channel smh. But I will be back and I will be even better than before I left. I promise. I've planned the content out, now its all about execution. I hope my tribe hasn't forgotten about me lol. I still love y'all!

So to all my goal getters and dream chasers, LET'S GET IT. We're conquering May. Crushing to-do lists and killing our goals. Stay focused, my G!

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