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As we say Goodbye to National Poetry Month....

Will you be the light at the end of my tunnel

When all else fails, can I count on you

My ray of sunshine in a sea of storm clouds

You know, the deck has been stacked against me lately, and I’ve been wondering if I could just lay in your arms

Your embrace could melt the stress away

At night I cry

Tears flow from my eyes and the weight of the world is on my shoulders

But I dream of you

I yearn for you

I know that you’re somewhere getting your life in order

Do you think of me

You’re my source of happiness

Things are bleak right now

I close my eyes to escape the madness

And I see you

And I


Just us

And the crazy part about it all is

I haven’t even met you yet

Or have I?

I just know you exist

My knight in shining armor

No matter how cliche it sounds

You’re everything I could have imagined

And more

Lord knows I’m trying to get my affairs in order

Become the Queen he deserves

Hoping that one day our paths cross

Our hearts intertwine

Yours with mine

You know that end of time love

And as I search for that little gleam of hope in lost times

I hope that light at the end of the tunnel is you

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