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Poems from Capriquaraeus Vol. 1

What's up good people!? For those of you who are new here, My name is Rae' and I'm an artist and blogger/vlogger..... amongst many other things lol. To start the year, I dropped my 3rd music project for my 25th birthday entitled 'Capriquaraeus Vol.1." I'm pretty proud of how far I've come in this music thing, if I do say so myself lol. I've never wanted to be in the spotlight. You can usually find me behind the scenes holding it down but I guess it was time for a change.

Anywaydoe, the project included 5 songs with poem intros. I just wanted to share those poems with you all so here goes nothing lol. (You can also grab the project on Tidal, iTunes, Apple Music or Pandora)

Deserve It All

Don't touch my hair

Because there's power in these rolling hills

And real niggas do not deserve pussy

So who you calling a bitch

Now what am I suppose to do when I want you in my world

But if you don't want me then don't talk to me

Because no one can get in the way of what I'm feeling

And I will always

I am a work of art, a masterpiece


You Know It's Me

He looked at me

Dead in my eyes

And stared

But I don't think he saw me

He looked at me

Lust dripping from his eyes

I'm surprised he didn't start drooling

He looked at me

But couldn't read me

He could not see me

And though my energy is ablaze

And he's drawn to me

He is not aware of the breathtaking experience that is she





Gather round

Come closer

Let's get real intimate real quick

I promise I won't hold you long

But I promise you'll want more when I'm done

But seriously

Lend me your ear

Let me borrow your heart

Join me for an experience unlike any other you've ever indulged in

Lose yourself

It's alright

Trust me, it's okay

I need you to feel this

Breathe in

Come on in

The water is fine

Witness this



Ain't Nothing Better

What's better than the best

You've been searching high and low

Just goes to show, you don't know what's good for you

Because I mean, what's better than top shelf

What's better than unfiltered

What's better than rare and raw form

What's more pure than the best

Please understand, it don't get no better than this

Ain't nothing bettter



Attention all human beings

I'm only accepting positive vibes at this point in my life

I reserve the right to exit if I'm not feeling it

You should probably focus more on aligning your spirit than on Instagram

While highlight reels can be esthetically pleasing

If your vibes are not

Please believe

I'm leaving


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