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Lately I've been itching to bring back the "Old Rae." The socialite Rae. As of lately, I've been more of a homebody Rae.' Partly because people are funny acting lol.... and partly because... idk lol. But I think it's time to get back to mixing and mingling. I enjoyed my social butterfly days and I'm sure they'll be even better as an adult and social(light).

I think one reason I became less social is because my entire friend group that I use to hit functions with, dissipated. Poof. Gone. So I turned into a solo rider. Hitting events solo is kind of fun but that excitement wore off for me really quick. Then I got a boyfriend and started hanging with him more. But I feel like my social side is back and ready to flourish.

Either way, losing myself is not an option so it's time to break back into the scene. Hopefully by getting my social moves back, I'll find some new girls to run with. Sooooo I thought i'd share a few tips for breaking back into the social scene after a hiatus. Here we go:

1. Dress Comfortably- Whatever that looks like for you. I'm totally into the athleisure look these days. Nice and comfy. While it's important to dress for the occasion, it's also very important to wear things that you are truly comfortable in. Trust me, the last thing you want to be worried about while you're trying to mix and mingle is a wardrobe malfunction.

2. Have a Drink or 2- It'll help you loosen up a bit and you won't get distracted by your nerves. And for those of you that don't drink, try inhaling a little lavendar oil. It has the same calming effect

3. Smile- It's contagiuos and very inviting. I'm sure a great smile will draw people into you. Let that light shine

4. Have some go-to Conversation Starters- This is all trial and error. Research and memorize a few key conversation starters and try them out. If they work, use them again. If not, on to the next

5. Pick your Events Precisely- No need to attend an event that you have absolutely no interest in.... but I think that goes without saying lol

6. Become a regular- Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your nameeee lol. Maybe a happy hour at your local bar or even a zumba class at your local rec. Add an event, spot or class to your weekly social roster

7. Remember it's all about Having Fun- At the end of the day, the social life is all about meeting new people and having a good time

I hope these few tips come in handy for my budding social tribe. At the end of the day, you can never have too many connections. Get out there and be a social-light!

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