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When will my Reflection Show....

Who I am insideeeeeeeee?

Man, let me tell yl'all.... I turned 25 on January 20th and my entire life went into reflection mode lol. Like I just kept thinking about all the things I've been through, all the decisions I made.... good and bad.... and all of the relationships that came and went...

And guess what? I had to take a step back from all things social and kind of get my thoughts together. Now I know what y'all are probably thinking.... "Sis you go through this every other day," Lol and while I do reflect quite a bit.... this time, things were different. I felt a whole shift in my mindset and I realized that it's time that I truly buckle down and start putting some action behind all the goals I have for myself.

And ta-dahhhhh! Here you have it. I gave my blog a facelift and I'm working on actually building the lifestyle brand that I've always wanted.

So I figured I'd go ahead and share some of things that helped me navigate this month of reflection, just incase any of you find yourselves there sometime soon:

1. Journaling: Write those thoughts down. Get them off your chest. One day you'll sit down and read old thoughts and realize just how far you've come

2. Lifestyle Changes: Like better food choices and no pop. I've found a whole new wave of energy with just a few changes to my diet

3. Daily Meditation: Whether it's right before bed or when you wake up in the morning (I like both). Go ahead and center yourself and calm your mind. It does wonders for anxiety and overthinking.

4. Prayer and Bible Reading: I set a goal to get closer to God and also finally read the entire Bible this year. Proud to say Im still on track

5. To-Do List: I've actually started taking my to-do list seriously and doing the work to knock out tasks. I'm also implementing the transfer tasks to the next day option

6. Just Do It: At the end of the day you just have to go for it. Stop watching life pass you by and be about that action. Time is one thing you can't get back so make the most it!

That's all I have for you for now guys. I'm currently plotting out my next posts and I hope you enjoy all the updates I've made.

Love y'all dearly! Peace, love & Light!

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