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It’s December, We Made It!

Hello Beautiful People! How are ya? How’s life treating you? If you’re reading this, you’ve made it to the final month of 2020. Praise God! It’s really been a tough year and I pray that you all are doing as best as can be expected in these times. If you woke up this morning with breath in your lungs, you’re doing a lot better than a lot of folks across the U.S. Count it all joy.

This month we’ll be doing a bit of reflection. I don’t know about you all but spending all this time at home has opened the door for wayyy more reflection than ever before. So much has changed within this one single year. I’ve found myself stripping all the layers of my being down to try to create a new brand that’s more focused on my true being. A lot of unlearning is taking place and this year we’ve had a lot of time to work on bettering ourselves. Trying to become the best version of ourselves. Well at least I have.

Anywaydoe, I’m attempting to find the fire I use to have for keeping this blog updated. As much as I enjoy writing, it’s become such a task because I feel like no one is reading. The question of “Should I keep this up” stays in heavy rotation in my mind. There are so many things fighting for people’s attention these days that it’s hard to figure out where my blog fits in. I remember when I first started this blog. Four whole years ago. I was excited to write and to have a place where I could showcase my thoughts and stories. Everyday Rae’ began on Tumblr. I use to be an avid Tumblr user and my personal blog was full of vibes and photos and music and what not. Once I realized that folks actually read stuff on Tumblr, I decided it was time to share my stories. But it seems that those days are nearing their end. At least from my vantage point.

Have blogs gone out of style? I know most of the bloggers that I follow who are flourishing in their blog space mostly talk about fashion and lifestyle topics. As an avid “Don’t Box Me In-er” I approach blogging in more of a free form style. I write about any and everything I feel like writing about. I don’t have a niche and I honestly don’t plan on adopting one. Maybe that’s what’s keeping me from the next level. But if the next level requires me to focus solely on one or two topics, maybe those aren’t levels I need to be on.

Either way things fall, it’s time for a transition. A flip, a change, a finesse of sorts. It’s time for something new and fresh. Something more aligned. What will that look like? I have absolutely no clue lol, but I pray you come a long for the ride. Four years ago when I started, I never thought I’d keep this thing up this long lol, but here we are. It’s literally only up from here. In 2021, I’m definitely maxing out so get ready!

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