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Patience, Young Grasshopper...

I’m in a hurry. I’m rushing and I don’t know why. Seems like everything’s fast forwarded these days. We’re in such a rush to do everything, to achieve everything. I thought I had it all planned out. Pay off my debts by 28. Marry and travel the world by 30. Start planning for children before I’m 35. Be a million and raise a beautiful family from 35 on out. Seems like a decent plan right? Everything in its place, at its time. The only issue is life doesn’t always follow a timeline. There’s ups and there’s down to this game called living. And while God gave us freedom and the power to choose, we don’t have total control, he does. Now if we tap into his goodness and let him lead, we’d be good. But the uncertainty of letting the unseen lead you into the unknown can sometimes be difficult. After applying to a bunch of jobs and getting a bunch of interviews, I realized that I’ve been obsessed with my plan all along and God has been trying to get me to be on HIS page. I haven’t been hearing him because I was too busy trying to hear what I WANTED to hear instead of listening and following his lead.

A lot of clarity can be found when you slow life down. When you stop trying to plan everything and just let things flow, you’ll find that life is not a race, it’s a marathon. Everything has it’s season. A time and a place. I thought I was suppose to be on the verge to debt free by now. I would be making great money and investing and building my company and my brand into an empire. But you see, life doesn’t always work like we hope and dream it would. With social media blasting ‘Girl Boss’ in my face daily, I felt like i was behind the curve. It wasn’t until I really sat and received the fact that a lot of the OG’s I look up to have been doing what they do for a decade that I realized that this is really only the beginning. I’m a toddler in the game. I really haven’t even began to find my stride forreal. I just want to be less pressed and less stressed and I’ve found that it comes with not trying to over plan and expect everything to flow like a dream. It doesn’t help that we are always constantly comparing and internalizing things from social media. It is imperative that we learn how to properly use social media as a tool and not a scope of reality. But when you stay true, sometimes it takes a little longer. In reality, a lot of folks instagram character is just that, a character. A facade they’ve create to make folks believe that they are this, that, and the other. Sometimes it’s best to step away from all of that and tap into the source, whatever your source may be. In my case, it’s God. When I’m trying to figure everything out on my own, I can’t hear him because I’m not truly listening. When I recently decided to step back and take a breather, I had a few nights/moments where I broke down. I cried myself to sleep wondering why God was putting me through this. Why does it feel like I’m relearning life. Why isn’t everything working for my good? Why me? Just mad dramatic and upset lol. But I’ve come to learn to find my stride in him. The ultimate light and ultimate leader. I had to slow down and listen.

Rushing the process gets you nowhere, fast. Take your time and trust the timing of your life. Sometimes you can’t hear God speak because you got to many “things” in the way. That includes all the plans you’ve got for your life. Chill fam, let God work.

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