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Just Words Wednesday

Have you ever just wanted to love someone so deep that it penetrates their soul? Embrace them warmly, make them feel whole Have you ever wanted to wipe a strangers tears away? Hold their hand? Transfer all the love and good vibes you store inside, just so they know they’re loved? You see, we have a strange habit of giving flowers when they’re gone. And grieving loudly. And publicly. We look past the hurt and the pain and the signs. They ignore it and we do too. Then we cry silent tears when we look up and they’re gone Life comes at you fast Sometimes we’re unprepared Or even scared And scarred from past lives And if love is the answer, why don’t we share it more freely I cried Silently my heart broke I was in shock As if we were close friends As if I even knew you personally My heart aches for a light gone too soon Everyone loved you Not a bad word was said But you were hurting You were suffering When surround by so much love, you were still folding under pressure Sometimes we let our minds get the best of us I hope you feel better now No one wants to feel like they’re drowning in their problems

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